Nightmare at Hair Salon.

I have never had much luck with hair salon trips.

So while I was in JB the past 2 days, my dear friends decided they had to go for massage and me being me, I declined. Now you see, I never liked massage. I don’t understand how stripping down in public can be comfortable, especially when it involves being groped after that by strangers. And I just do not find it relaxing at all. Just like onsen. *I guess I am meant to lead a tough life and not enjoy luxury lol*

So while they were doing their massage, I decided to head to a salon. Now you see, I do not require a very good salon because I literally require services that are basic — touch up (not much skills involved, really), treatment (not much skills involved, again) and trimming (again, just have to follow back my old hair style and literally trim 1″ off every single strand). So, I chose a salon that looks clean, friendly and decent and settled down for the job to get done, without indicating which hair stylist I need. I’m just glad to fully utilise the 1+hr that I need to kill, get my hair done so I look presentable and save a bit of money since it is cheaper-everything in JB.

Who knows that Suay enough, I kena a super noob hair stylist, who took forever to even just portion out my hair.

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Risking it all in the name of love.

img_20171016_070330484325553.jpgSo I’ve not been writing as regularly recently and it is, of course, because I’ve been… busy.

Work is hectic, personal life is packed too, so this space is neglected.

Now, let me attempt to revive it by writing about the story of how my friend found the love of her life and uprooted herself to a land far far away.

My friend, K, has always been single since day one that I got to know her. She is a tall and strong woman who is never afraid to voice her opinion. Naturally, she is not the typical kind of girl that Singaporean man goes for.

From what I know about her past, she only had one serious relationship with a guy, who did not treat her right. It just went on and off for so many years with no outcome.

Until end 2014, when she joined her friend on an overseas trip, did she meet this guy. Let’s call him M.

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Taking a step is easy but people who have fallen before and for those who can’t see the steps ahead, it’s easier said than done. It is almost like walking in the dark when you can’t see what’s ahead when you know that the chances of falling is damn high because it is an unknown area.

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Recently, I’ve been talking to a friend, G, about past relationships.

It dawned on me that I have failed in every single one quite miserably, in the sense that my ‘ditched rate‘ is 100% i.e. I have been the one being broken up with in every r/s that I’ve been in. The consolation is that, the ‘regret rate‘ of these ex-s have been 100% as well — all of them will return regretful and ask for reconciliation within days or weeks.

At least that tells me that I am not mental or crazy that all guys flee from me.

Of course, some I gave chance again (cos I am touched they actually treasured me after all) but still, they didn’t work out in the end because history will repeat itself and I learn to cut things loose before I lose my own dignity.

Technically, by literal meaning of resilience, I should be super resilient by now.

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Tango: Love & Investment

I’m logical. I’m emotional. I’m extremely logical. I’m extremely emotional. I’m basically a ball of contradiction that can’t be solved. And I drive myself nuts. And when I have a partner, I drive him nuts.

Logically, I know it so well. Past performance is not an indication of future results. 5 shitty ex does not mean that the 6th will be shit too. That no amount of verbal guarantee actually seals any deal, that no amount of promise can promise anything until the day I die and the promise remains unbroken. That there is no guarantee in relationships and no one can give that guarantee. That the only way to happiness is to give it a chance since nothing is ‘for sure’.

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Unequally yoked: Dating/Marrying non-Christians

可能是現在感情 太昂貴
讓付出真心的人 好狼狽
還不如聽首情歌 的機會 忘了誰

Heard a new song this morning and the above lyrics is so… smart. That it is (really hard to find the right english word for this amazing chinese term lang bei) pathetic to devote true feelings for someone. That it is ‘more likely’ for one to forget somebody through listening to love songs — which is impossible. Sarcastic much?

Yesterday, I was asked a question that I had a lot of difficulty answering. Almost as difficult as the most difficult question I’ve been asked in job interviews before that left me stammering and talking gibberish. But me being me, who absolutely detests miscomm and also hates being the one who failed in conveying what I really meant even more, am going to write to sort out my thoughts and at the same time convey accurately what I was trying to say. (For job interviews, I write in clarification after the interview addressed to the hiring manager. Shameless, but I can’t live without clarifying. But hey that won me my previous job at a stat board, so I guess it is a virtue)

“Is your partner being a Christian important to you?
Will you date someone who is not a Christian?”

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This morning, the sun was blazing. It is either because I took the liberty of snoozing an additional 10min, since my boss is not around for these two days and I can afford to be just that teeny bit late, and the sun shines much more brightly with a mere 10min difference. But for the first time, I welcomed sunshine.

I have always hated the sun. I literally feel allergic to it. I get headache when it starts to get really sunny, it gives me pigmentation, dry skin, frowning eyes that lead to wrinkles, heat and sweat. Basically, I really want to avoid it and I even think that I be happy if its dark all day. I mean, sun sets > sun rise, moonlight > sunlight. It is logic #mylogic

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