Here in Korea.


I looked like crap on most days on the upcomings days to my departure. This is the only decent photo I took, which I snapped promptly when I realised I actually dressed up properly that day, lol.

I’m back! I apologise for the lack of updates and thank the few of you who actually am interested in the nonsense that I write, lol. 你们小猫几只,谢啦!(translated: thank you, you ‘few small cats’ (HAHA))

And I’m writing from Korea. 2nd day in Korea, to be exact.

I finally have some time to sit in front of the laptop and recap abit on what went on the past couple of weeks since my work ended.

So let me start from the farewells.

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I swear I’m still alive and preparing to leave SG.

Bad news is, I have a whole house to pack but I am no where near done when it is already Thur. I’m flying off on Monday night.

Will write about cancer soon.

I will be back!


Today is the last Wednesday at work and I am starting to miss this place already. I will miss the security uncle, the canteen aunties, my amazing colleagues and of course, my job.

This is a completely boliao post btw. Unless you are interested to know what’s going on in my head today, you can skip this. I promise you you won’t be missing much.

Not even my face, lol.


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We blame our govt for being overly money minded yet all I hear people talking about are economical losses due to hosting of a meeting btw T and K and not about the outcome or content of the meeting.



Around 8 years back, I had a major crush on this guy R. It was obviously a bad romance because R was due to get married in a year’s time. Cut the story short, R still got married in the end, even though before he got married, he come to realise that he likes me too. But, yah, whatever.

The unfortunate thing is that I really, really, really, like him. A lot. Like, with all my heart, my life, and my, I don’t know, every single cell. It was a major crush, like how girls fancy some male idols.

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