So, it’s been… almost 5 months since I moved to Japan!

I’m still here, see?



Wow, how time flies. I also realised that I’ve been neglecting this space a bit with only 1 or 2 posts a month. That’s ridiculous. I shall make the effort to write more.

So, let’s see what’s been happening so far. And a bit about how my job almost drove me crazy.

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It’s my off day so I get to write again!

Today, I had my first hotcake from Mcdonald’s in Japan and it was so good. It’s really nicer than Singapore’s! Perhaps because they use whipped butter compared to the fake corn margarine they offer in Singapore, hahaa.

If you’re interested, they’re on my public insta account @dfordirtyshoes.

Earlier this week, I also went for my first concert both in my life and in Japan and it was for Sam Smith! JH got the tickets for me months back and well, it finally happened!


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Quick Update


A quick update because I owe this space some time, hahaa.

So, I’ve been in Japan coming 3 months soon and seriously, I feel that time just flew by. One of the biggest thing that’s bugging me is the fact that I am waiting for my first full month pay check to come in end of this month. It also means that I’ve been surviving on savings and GJH’s money since I’ve come here and I’m kinda sick of not having the freedom to spend freely. =/

Now, the picture above is the nice view from Gaba’s studio. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Alone in JP.

JH has decided to abandon me for 10 days while he trot off to the land of… big hair to work.

Erm, big hair because people in that country seem to use the ‘size’ of their hair to determine how well off they are? LOL. Okay, ignore that, hahaa.

So anyway, for real, I’ll have a taste of life in Japan alone. How it feels to live in this ulu place in Japan and to go to and fro work by myself everyday, settle my meals, while I slog my ass off. The good thing is, I’ve been living by myself for quite a while even before I came to Japan, so this isn’t all too new to me. JH also made it easier by stocking up the fridge before he left.

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