Happy CNY 2018!

Have you been going visiting and enjoying snacks this CNY?

I hope so! Because it is such a joy to have family and loved ones who are close enough to want to make time to meet up on this annual occasion.

For me, I’m totally missing out this year and it is kinda sad but oh well, just deal with it I guess.

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(Totally) Random

When I was walking to work, I saw this drop of liquid land on the floor a few steps ahead, staining the concrete ground with a dark grey spot.

It couldn’t haveĀ  been rain since it is so bright and sunny.

Was it bird’s pee or saliva then?

I wonder.

In Japan

A quick update because I’m in Japan!

*Warning: pictures are huge cos I can’t adjust on phone lol

To be precise, I’m in Hokkaido and freezing my ass off everyday. It’s just wayyyyy too cold.

The amount of snow is also a bit crazy.

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Maligned and Moving On.


my double eyelids, where are you.

I feel that I am not being myself recently.

Usually when I am wronged by someone, I do not get particularly upset because I just feel guilty that I’ve probably done or said something to cause a misunderstanding. And I am usually pretty chill about it because what’s so difficult about explaining and clarifying?

But I’ve not been like this recently.

A few weeks back, when I was wronged by C for being manipulative, instead of being guilty, I felt amused and ridiculed.

Yesterday, I was wronged and again, unlike the usual me, I got really, really, really upset.

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