It was winter. Or at least, it felt like one.

How many winters have I been through? Probably a few, in my life.
The interesting thing about winters… seasons… is that, they change.
It is never spring or autumn forever, and neither will winter last forever.

Don’t you find it amazing how seasons change? How they come and go without fail?

And isn’t it amazing how nature is by itself, a literal illustration and description and basis of life?

Where there’s destruction and pain, there is beauty.
Where there’s the bitter cold, there’s also the gentle breeze and the scorching sun.
Just like life.
A cycle of ups and downs; from warm to scorching hot, to cooling down again and to freezing point, and it repeats.

And I am not sure what season I am in right now. But I know it will change soon. For warmer or for colder…

Both are fine, I guess. After all, what can be so bad?

while I was jogging today, I saw a mum, walking face down, with both earphones plugged into her ears. In front of her, her son was walking backwards, facing her, and seemingly making some dancing movement and gesture. Cheerfully. But she was just looking down, expressionless. Had they not been walking together, I’d think they are two separate beings with no relationship to each other.

What got her so down that she could ignore the cute little boy who is trying so hard to possibly cheer her up or just trying to get her attention?

And I just received news from my cousin that my auntie, who is currently hospitalised, isn’t recovering. She might be going through another amputation, as suggested by the doctor, because her wound isn’t healing. But she is adamant in not going through with it.

I also met clients who faced a lot of pain and sufferings but are still trudging on in life. Clients who make me swallow my tears so that I do not burst out crying unprofessionally.

And my grandfather in law has just been confirmed to be in the advance stage of cancer, with no treatment recommended. He has no will to live on either.

What do I treasure? Am I doing enough to ensure that I am trying my best for what I treasure? Am I giving up too early and too easily instead of fighting for what I want so that I do not regret at the end of the day?

One thing I know for sure.
I have never taken anybody or anything good in my life for granted and I am glad for that.





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