This was supposed to be published on Friday but oh well.


Good Morning!! Its’a a beautiful Friday here in Singapore today!
By beautiful, I mean gloomy sky with no sign of rain. Best days ever.

My title is definitely not talking about my photo. But rather, decided to title it this way because I was talking to G early in the morning about fashion.

First of all, from the first two sentences, I have established one simple fact — beauty is subjective.

This leads me to a very funny sentence I’ve heard before:

“Beauty is subjective, chui is universal.”

And of course, another one of my own personal favourite quote:

“The world is fair. Because it is unanimously unfair to everyone.”

Makes sense?

I think it is harder to decide if it was first fair or unfair, compared to the chicken or egg issue.

Let me share with you this video that I watched earlier in the day:

This is not a new concept but the way it was presented so that even idiots can geddit? Ah-Meh-Zing.

And though I’m not so unfortunate to be stuck at the starting line, I’m definitely not one of those who are at the front. So many of my friends have made comments that show how far ahead they are in life, like saying HDB is totally affordable and that it is ridiculous and unreasonable why there are disgruntled Singaporeans because SG is affordable. And these friends are friends who own property and car before 30, who comes from good family background. By good family background, I’m really talking about people who grew up with the chance to have a savings, have their tuition fee paid for and wedding cost supported by parents. A particular friend of mine was beaming with pride when he shared that he paid his own down payment for his pent house sea view condo. Seriously? That’s what normal human beings do, we pay our own according to what we can afford. It’s nothing to be proud of, isn’t it? Of course, upon asking, he said the renovation will be sponsored by his parents as ‘house warming gift’ for them. *insert whatever emoticon suitable*  <– desperate attempt to not be mean but failing miserably because I just got to put this out here lol

Well, duh, to these people, of course SG is affordable then? These people are probably those at the start of the line — have savings, grew up in a healthy and kind environment, protected by parents, has access to education and 100% freedom to concentrate fully because they don’t have to work part-time to pay tuition fees and then subsequently scrimp and save to clear their loans. They think they are the norm. =/

Being in the social service sector has exposed me to many different issues and states of families in Singapore. Perhaps my own norm is warped; I’m not denying that. But I do feel that equality and equity is really not a given.

And to those other fellow human beings with me, behind me, let’s just work harder to make the best out of what we can. Because after all…

life is more than that hundred or thousand dollar bill at the finishing line. 🙂

Let’s do our best and live the shit out of our miserable lives!







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