Overslept. Dreaming.

So, who overslept on Sunday and missed church service? *guilty

Random but the other day, I managed to fix my romper and wear it after probably 2 years of not wearing it. I love it because it hugs my waist perfectly and gives this illusion that I am slim when I am actually not.


Yesterday I had this odd dream of shifting furniture in sequence down a ramp so as to save money for somebody by giving them the furniture. It felt really difficult trying to shift the furniture, though the ramp was just a mild elevation downwards. Inevitably, the dishes from the dining table slid down and broke into pieces when my friend as pushing it down the ramp. The dishes were meant to be given to the ‘somebody’ too and it was in fact, more expensive than the dining table and I felt frustrated that the dishes were broken. Yet there was also regret, because I already thought that was gonna happen and yet, I did not rush to prevent it from happening and yet, I let it happen.

Usually on days when I remember dreams vividly, I make it a point to go to dreammoods.com to get an idea what the dream could potentially reveal. I am not being superstitious but so far, the interpretation has always made sense, one way or another.

This time, it is as usual, accurate to a certain degree. But as usual with family, it always involves compromise, so I am not going to read too much into it. By the way, the interpretation involves me ‘going out of your way to please others. Also, you may be changing your ways and trying to reevaluate your relationships/attitudes.’ Accurate or not, doesn’t matter, I guess. =/ Perhaps it is how my sister warned me to give my mother more attention yesterday that triggered the dream.

After the recent saga in my life earlier this year, my mother has been very worried for me. She has always thought that it will be resolved and be over (as in, go back to normal) but it never got to the point and instead, I have chosen to give up resolving it. This worries her even more because she feels that I am not okay but I am pretending and trying to be okay. To her, as a woman, she find my decision not-okay at all. Yet, she doesn’t speak to me about it, except being happy for me that I am strong and recovering when I am in front of her.

I struggle with knowing how to fix her while I fix myself. It doesn’t help that I have new dilemma to deal with.

I have an issue on hand that I know I need to fix. There is a solution that isn’t very positive but it will lead to the end goal of being more independent and secure, but possibly at the expense of some other stuff. I’m still trying the best way to balance both needs but it isn’t so easy.

Let me end it with a random note. A friend got me this sweater with these amazing cutesy cat sushi prints. Isn’t it just absolutely adorable?


Now, all ready for the week ahead.


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