Support-Motherhood Posts

This afternoon, my usual vocal friend, S, which I hate written about before here posted something again. This time, it is about motherhood.

And it made me realise, there are just SO MANY posts on motherhood nowadays, to say how hard it is, how admirable it is, how proud mothers should be, how breast feeding is fine, how working mothers are great, how epidural is ok, how whatever is whatever and whatever.

And yet we still hear so many horror motherhood stories.

What got me thinking was how our mums back then had no social media, no one to ‘cheer’ them on, yet they survived and thrived! All we had was one song that went “天下的妈妈都是一样的~哦~天下的妈妈都是一样的~(loosely translated as all mums in the world are the same) and it was our greatest show of admiration to our mother for their unconditional love.

So can I conclude that social media, despite its amazing use in propagating positive messages, fighting for rights for some, is still doing more harm than good because apparently, it is the direct comparison on social media that drives mums crazy? Like how I regain my figure 2 hrs after I give birth and you are still fat, how I didn’t use epidural so I am more of a mum than you cos I tahan the pain, how I have a lot of breast milk I have to buy another fridge to keep them and you feed your child formula (how dare you?!), or how I prepare full organic meals while you buy your child macdonalds (blasphemy!)?

Totally random but yeah. Sometimes human beings really do love creating problems and then take pride in ‘solving’ them when the problem shouldn’t have even existed in the first place. *scoffs*

But yah, whatever works and keep the world happy, I suppose?




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