So I started watching this new drama, which is not really very fantastic. The storyline and development is way too choppy from the beginning. =/

But this particular scene really got me.

Helps that she is so pretty it’s beyond this world, lol.

As, I sat in the car ride home and reflect over the home visit that I’ve just done, I can’t be more thankful for my current life.

I love my life.

It is mean to say that one should count our blessing knowing somebody out there is suffering but I can’t deny that doing home visits, seeing the struggles of the clients… it really makes me snap out of my own misery and realise that I am so truly blessed.

It also forces me to acknowledge that life is indeed tough. Small kind of tough. Huge kind of tough. Everybody has their own struggles, one way or another. They do. I do. You probably do, too.

I also realised there are many things I can afford to let go of.




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