Will you choose love?

Many times we think the opposite of love is hate.

But to me, I think the opposite of love, is self.

Many times in quarrel, it is often a clash or difference in two persons’ world view.

That’s what make relationships so tough, isn’t it? The closer two persons get to each other, the more the two sets of thousands of world view needs to merge.

It is not just a matter of agreeing with each other’s views and beliefs, but even how one believes, how one communicates, on top of the many whats.

So say, if the first time you quarrel with the other party cos you couldn’t agree with something and got upset. It didn’t go so well. He or she defended his/her view. It got heated. It got resolved. Phew.

Next time, it happened again. This time, he/she can’t agree with your world view. You remember how the last quarrel was. You know you have your point and so does he/she. He/she defended. Will you do the same?

So now…

Will you choose self and defend and ridicule? Be right for yourself?

Or will you choose love?

Will you choose love and acknowledge their world view, accept it and allow yours to merge with theirs? And be right for us?

What will you choose?




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