Is vanity addictive?

Today, I had a taste of lash extension. This is the result.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 21.40.04.png

Let’s just say, it is MAGIC. I have zero eye make-up on and that’s how I look.

The first thing on my mind was… Holy shit, this is some serious play-cheat shortcut way to look beautiful when I wake up!

And now, I already feel sad knowing the lashes won’t stay past 2 weeks or a month. *sulks

And btw, it isn’t cheap to get it done. If not for first-time user discount, it costs a whopping $168 for a pair of lash extension that will only last you MAXIMUM 1 month.

I, of course, will never spend such money. I’m happy with this $89 spent to accompany me on my upcoming Hokkaido trip and CNY visits. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my eyeliner.

But what it made me realise is that eyelash extensions and the result isn’t what cause it to be so ‘addictive’.

It is the potent combination of being able to look beautiful while allowing us to be lazy that makes it so amazing and awesome.

Now, let me go marvel at it a while more before it deteriorates day by day, lol.



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