Where is ‘home’ to you?

While at the airport just now, I remarked that for people holding Singapore passport queuing at the check-in counter, they must be super happy because they are probably going for a holiday in JP. G turned to look at me and said, “Eh, not me! I’m going home, lol.”

I wonder how Singaporeans who live and/or work overseas feel when they leave SG after their annual visit back to SG ends. Do they feel more like they are leaving home, or do they feel more like they are going home? Since technically, both are considered their ‘home’, if home simply means where one returns to everyday and live in.

For me, my home is literally the home I own, lol. My dark cosy home. I guess it is where ever I feel most at ease shitting, showering, and sleeping in. Most will define it as where their family is, but to me, it is really about feeling at ease and free.

Perhaps a better way to phrase the question would be ‘do they feel more at ease or relieved about returning to their overseas home or more sad about leaving their SG home?

I just wish that their choice of residence is congruent with what they feel and what they want.

Now, back to work!


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