A Mother’s Love.

This is my Mum.


Okay it may be a bit tough to tell which is my Mama (I know) because we look almost identical, lol.

Since yesterday night, I’ve  been look at Gyukaku’s website and dreaming about BBQ meat. Korean style. Those gorgeous marinated meat slices being grilled to perfection, dipped in some garlic-whatever sauce and straight into my mouth… omg…

After an extremely unsatisfying lunch, I decided that I really need to get the craving fulfilled. What did I do? I can’t find someone to go for a dinner with me at such last minute notice (this is what happens when you grow older and everyone around you are attached or just not spontaneous enough) and it is gonna cost a lot to go for BBQ meat anyway.

I called the one person who will not only accompany me for dinner, but also prepare whatever I want.

The MAMA!! xD

This is the conversation that ensued.

Me: Mummy, I want to eat BBQ meat tonight. Pork belly, pork collar, beef slices. Garlic marinated kind. You take out the grill pan thing.
Mum: Ok ok… Prawn leh? Big big kind. Want?
Me: Yes Yes!
Mum: Okok… How about Hokkaido scallop? Also big big kind, want?
Me: Yes Yes!
Mum: Veg leh? Broccoli ok ma?
Me: YES!
Mum: Soup… watercress soup or peanut lotus root soup ok?
Me: YES! Peanut lotus please!
Mum: Okok.. You eat simple dinner la these few should be enough. And I just blended two jars of garlic, just nice. I will also take out those steamboat ingredient like meat ball and cheese tofu. You come back later I’ll prepare.
Me: YES!

I just wanted meat and look what she is preparing; meat, veg, soup, sides! And she calls it a simple dinner.

My mum has always enjoyed cooking for the family and for others but as we all grew older (I’m the youngest and I’m already in my very late 20s) we stopped eating at home so much. Some days, she pack dinner because she saw no point in cooking just for herself and my dad. So on days where I do go home, she’ll be sure to whip up a whole table of food, from Lor Bah + chicken curry + 2 different kinds of soup + fried stuff like chicken wing, nuggets, fries + beehoon + fried rice. Of course, she’ll happily distribute the food to her neighbours too.

I have not lived at home since I was 23 and I usually go back during the weekends. Back when I still stayed at home, I never truly felt the extent of my mum’s love, to be very honest with you. After I started living by myself, though, I started noticing how the simple things I had in my life — breakfast when I wake up ready on the table, home cooked nutritious dinner waiting when I get home after work, snacks ready for me anytime during the day — were so taken for granted. Even a simple question in the middle of the day, “What do you feel like eating? Do you want to eat ___?” was something I really miss. Of course, as mentioned above, when I do go home, I’m treated like a princess, lol. Though she will complaint and grumble to my sisters that I’m not going home enough, she does not utter a single word of complaint to me when I do go home other than the typical reverse-psychology thing she does, “Aiyah! You don’t come home better. You come home I very tired leh have to cook!” which suggest otherwise. And because I learnt to appreciate the things she do, I began to see and feel how much she love me through her actions.

I am not sure though if this is part of growing up, or is it the distance that made it clear. But I guess it doesn’t matter. 🙂

I have told my mum about my impending departure and as expected, she’s supportive, though I pity my sisters who will probably be at the receiving end of her worries and complaints that she doesn’t share with me. Just to clarify, I do receive lots of complaints about my sisters too. That’s just my mum, she doesn’t complaint to the subject of her complaint, lol. She always has been, as with most of my decisions in life. The most assuring thing she said was that I do not have to worry about anything because if all else fails, I always have a space at home and she will 养我, as in she will ‘feed’ me and support me with shelter and food, lol.

Mums are indeed the best and I super love mine.

Now, let me go finish up my work so I can leave earlier to go home 😀

CYA (^~^)_/*




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