Home Sweet Home.

The highlight of the Malacca trip is definitely this cafe called Huskitory that I visited. I mean, look at this 2 weeks old puppy!


Nope, it’s not a toy. G says it looks like those toy where you insert battery and it will do a backflip. Does it? lol.


Of course, we weren’t allowed to touch the puppies because they are so small and fragile and I’m really glad about that. Being able to see the puppies was a bonus for the trip because obviously they don’t have puppies everyday for visitors to see, hahaa. The whole visit cost 20RM and it includes a small souvenir pack and a guided tour on how huskies became popular. Apparently, many years back when human needed a certain vaccine, it was so cold that ships and automobiles all failed and the only hope was transporting the vaccine via husky sleighs. so, yah, they saved humanity.

In return, humanity decided they are so cute and pretty, they had to be tortured by being forced to live in temperate countries like Singapore and Malaysia. What a way to return them the kind favor. Anyway, that’s not for me to judge.

The huskies were so well trained, they even know how to line up for photoshoot.


Let me end off this post abruptly with a photo of this husky that seems to be whining to me, as if I bullied him. I swear I didn’t. I was the one who came home with blueblack on my thigh because I was trampled on.


And I’ll keep my happy smile on no matter what happens. 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 13.20.08



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