Naproxen saves long weekend.

I just want to declare my love for naproxen, the ultimate painkiller for migraine.

So G always tell me to avoid taking pain killer and I always try my best. But not when I have 2 straight non-stop days of migraine that won’t go away.

I guess the recent few days of unhappiness and constant thinking and wondering of what I did doesn’t help. I only realised it when I woke up this morning and I realised I might have went to sleep with those super deep frown and I might also have forgotten to un-frown for the whole time, hahaa.

un-frown. lol.

I think I will marry the guy who promise to help me un-frown every night. A kiss on my forehead will do! 🙂

In any case… Now that all’s clear, I have nothing left unsaid and un-thought (as in, I’ve thought of everything and completed my analysis), and naproxen has replaced my migraine with, erm, no migraine, lol I think I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my weekend now.

Beautiful long weekend, awesome possum.



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