Just saw this video on Facebook about a class gathering and these female ‘friends’ just kept comparing the gifts their husbands got them. Cars… diamond.. bag…

Except this one girl who’s husband is just a tutor and her gift was a birthday cake. She was supposedly mocked by her classmate because according to her classmate, being a tutor can’t make a family rich.

Now, this is so cliche, I know. The even more cliche part is at the end, the woman who flaunt the most received news that her husband is cheating.

And seriously, why so cliche?

Well, the even more cliche part is that the modest friend went home to a loving and caring tutor husband.

At this point, you are going to feel that I’m going to bash the video for how cliche it seems. Truth is, you are right, though not totally right. I agree with the part where it stress about what happiness is i.e. not based on material. But I really have a huge problem with how it is portrayed because…

Why must rich husbands suffer the label of being cheaters while poor husbands be portrayed as loving?

Please, in this world, having a modest husband does not guarantee you a loving and caring partner. A modest husband can be a total jerk and can also cheat on their wife despite being modest. Likewise, there are rich husbands who are loving, though time may be an issue, and who does not cheat. And it is true. I have female friends with rich husbands who are loving (or at least they are still together) and female friends with absolutely normal husbands who cheated on them. HA. *reality check

All I want to say is, these factors are not necessarily co-related and it is silly to assume the extreme.

I’d rather the video portrayed a more realistic scenario of a busy and rich husband who has lesser time to spend on the family VS a modest husband with average income who is always there for the wife and children during important moments in life.

And you know why videos aren’t portrayed this way? Because many would choose the former, HAHA. #truestory

Or maybe this consoles the vast majority of women in this world who can’t get themselves a rich husband *cynical* Just like how women love watching the pretty female sidekick in drama lose the perfect male lead to a very plain female lead.

But for me?

I will honestly choose the modest husband who can spend time with me and treat me like I’m a gem. Thanks to my brain’s wiring that decides that pleasure and joy comes from hugs and a loving presence and not from branded bags and material stuff. I’ll choose the touch and scent of the one I love over diamond and bags anytime. And yes, I mean it, every single word. I am happy staying in a 3-rm flat with a loving husband over living in a bungalow with a not-so-loving husband. Yes, I’m talking about 2 decent husbands just that the former is more loving, even if all other traits are similar. I’m willing to trade riches for more affection.

But of course, I’ll be happiest if you give me the bungalow husband who’s very loving. Anytime.

I’m human after all. 😉




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