Taipei Trip… and the horrible airport experience.


It was G’s birthday last week and we met up in Taipei.

Yah, LDR is expensive. You’ve got to take planes to date, hahaa.

Last week was crazy for me because, well, I basically spent… 27hr and 15min in the air, across 6 different flights SG-BKK-JP-BKK-SG-TP-SG. I’m going to console myself for the time wasted waiting here and there for boarding, transfers and clearance.

So, having been to 4 different airports (Narita, Haneda, Dong Muang, Taoyuan), I think I can conclude the worst security checks goes to Dong Muang, the most boring airport goes to Haneda and the most inefficient airport?


My flight landed at 550am and G’s flight was supposed to land at 715am. I had assumed I had to wait around a bit and find ways to kill time because I probably need to wait quite a bit for G right? But guess what? By the time I clear immigration, it was already 715am! G already landed!

The whole process of waiting for immigration took 1hr and 15min. That’s worse than a typical day at JB causeway customs okay. And was the queue long? Well, yes, quite, but it was not as long as the ones I have been in at Atlanta or even Narita and those places took at most 30min. Waiting 1hr at airport immigration is just too much imo. Baggage would have been cleared out by the time immigration is done. And despite the super long queue, they only had 4 counters opened. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

In the end, of course, I still have to wait around because if it took me 1hr 15min to clear immigration, G’s gonna take as long too. GGWP.

I will also never forget how this young custom officer forecefully tore a female foreigner’s passport cover from the foreigner’s passport and death stare her while doing so. And the way he tore the passport? He basically raised her passport up to her eye level in her face and tore it with such force that I could hear the passport cover snap while I was in the queue, approximately 10m away from them. Woah. Absolutely unnecessary and downright rude.

Of course, I don’t just claim the airport is inefficient just over one queueing incident. I only gave it the award because on my return flight, I had to likewise wait for so long just to check in for my flight and there was no automated machine for me to check in and print my boarding pass from. I don’t even have a luggage. Zzzz. So, yah, frustrating? Yes. Doesn’t help that the flight was delayed for 50min and there was no announcement made. G and I were super lucky to be granted special access to this new system after we finished our baggage check, which means we could skip any queue and basically just breeze through departure immigration counter. When we left the area, we saw the crazy long queue at the ‘traditional’ immigration counter and shuddered at the thought of having to queue again. Come to think about it, I find it odd how departure immigration can take so long because usually it’s entry to a country that takes super long, not departure. =/ Basically, whatever plans we had to play games or do whatever stuff together didn’t happen because whatever time one might possibly have would be catered for queuing when at TaoYuan airport. Sigh.

And so we parted at my departure gate after 3 days in Taipei. He was able to send me off because his flight was scheduled for 2hrs later at another gate.

I am super sleepy right now though I had one whole day to rest on Sunday. I guess it was the nightmare this morning that killed me. I’ve been having more nightmares than usual recently and I wonder why. Perhaps it is due to how I’m starting to doubt a lot of things I used to believe in and thought I was right about. Somehow, reality always proves me wrong, though it proves to be better sometimes.

So now, I wait. And hope time tells.





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