I have no confidence in SMRT.

This morning, the particular train I was on, broke down.


I don’t mean to be someone who complain non-stop over minor stuff but it is really upsetting to be caught in a train or track fault in the morning on the way to work. If you’ve never been caught in one, then you should seriously never judge others for complaining because the pain is damn real.

I woke up early so I can get to work on time. I ran to catch the bus. I shuffled out of the bus quickly. I trudged down the escalator instead of standing and waiting. I queued to get into the train. I finally got in and I am glad because, yay, I can get to work on time. And then, 2 stops later, the train tells you to get out because it is terminating at that station. Just like that.

Then you stand flooded with hundreds of other commuters at the same station, queuing again because you know that you’re probably not getting up the next train. At this point in time, again, no one knows why, there’s no explanation, it’s just a waiting and squeezing game. No apologies, no accountability, no nothing. Just do what they say.

If this happens rarely, that’s fine. But train faults happen almost every other week in Singapore, at best once a month. They have already increased fare and shorten service hours, both inconveniences to commuters, and yet, there’s no improvement. I’m not going to compare our SMRT to Japan or Taiwan etc because I don’t know how frequent their trains have fault. But seriously, Singapore isn’t even huge and our train rails are pretty new compared to others’ so why is it so faulty? So glitchy? So downright annoying?

I never complained because I was never caught in one before until recently, NEL started breaking down as well. And I realised how frustrating it truly is.

It is the same as how some netizens complained about how this woman was breastfeeding in the train uncovered. Some agreed they should cover up, many other keyboard warriors stood up for the mum and said she has the right to do it. Now, when I saw it, I didn’t even give it much thought because seriously, the picture looks fine. She’s just breastfeeding. Most of us have seen naked woman pictures before anyway, so this picture is no big deal, really. And when I think about it, it seems fine too you know, she is just breastfeeding and like what many say, if you don’t like it, look away. Simple.

But how many people have actually witnessed one in real life?

1 week ago, I had the ‘privilege’ to witness one in real life. This mum just rolled up her tee shirt, pulled down her bra and exposed her breast in full glory to offer to her 5 yr old son, breast on hand, asking him, “You want? You want?”

I can’t even begin to describe to you how disturbing the whole scene was.

You know how victims of flasher feels very confused and lost when they are being flashed? Yah, that’s how it felt to me. One hand I was wondering why this woman had no dignity and on the other, I wondered is it part of her sacrificial love for her child as a mom that I’m supposed to revere. But no matter what, it is the first time I see a pair of real breasts in trains or public place for that matter (onsens not counted) and I was seriously appalled, shocked and I actually felt disgusted, especially because the boy is already a toddler speaking in full form sentences and of a certain height, I’m guessing he’s around 5 yrs old. Everyone around me was visibly shocked.

And in case you think I’m over reacting, my friend beside me was equally shocked and disturbed by the scene. We used the term ‘traumatised’ because it is that shocking.

All these just tell me that until the day you experience something yourself, never undermine what someone else has gone through.

And seriously, SMRT train, will you just stop breaking down?




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