The worst muscle ache ever.

So I over strained my muscles during my work out and I am now suffering from the worst muscle ache ever in my whole life.

It is so bad that I wake up in pain while I am sleeping just because I need to flip myself over. Safe to say, I didn’t sleep much.

So, I have been behaving like an elderly/pregnant woman/handicapped since yesterday. I try very hard to sit and go down steps without bending my back and using my thigh muscles, so you can imagine how crap I looked — desperately clinging on to hand rails, supporting myself on the seat first before sitting down, getting up and down while groaning. Yupp. And that includes going to toilet (sitting on toilet bowl has never hurt so bad before), getting up and down buses and before and after meals.

And because of this experience, I realised how amazing some features in Singapore is.

You know our new buses? I never realised how low they are until I realised I could literally just walk down the bus instead of hop off the bus. It made moving up and down so easy! I can only imagine how helpful it is for the elderly; something I never realised before until I became ‘handicapped’. I’m pretty sure SG is the one country that has this done to cater for elderly in the society.

Secondly, grab bars in toilet! Oh Lord, I never knew how precious they were until I realised sitting down and getting up can be so tough. Right now, I’m holding back my pee because I refuse to go to the toilet unless I’m urgent. Because every trip to the toilet means getting up and sitting down twice. The torture, oh Lord, the torture…

Right now, I can’t even cross my legs and I struggle with even a single step. Literally every.single.step.

Right now, I’m wondering how torturing the journey home will be.

God bless me.


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