The love I want according to 5 Love Language.

So there are 5 love languages. Let me share with you what I think women want based on all the languages.

First love language: Physical Touch

This is my top love language. I literally feel loved just by sticking to my partner while watch TV without a single word being said. So for this, I think it’d be great if…

  • Take the initiative to hold my hand every time we are out. Every.single.time. If you need to use your phone, you can hook my hand on your arm. This is a bonus.
  • Hold me close on escalators and in lifts
  • Randomly give me a peck while waiting or in queue
  • Let me rest my head on your shoulder or chest while watching TV or movie. Hearing your heartbeat makes me feel safe.
  • Hug me when you think I am angry or unhappy
  • Message me actions you will do to express your love e.g. I want to give you a hug now, on top of telling me you love me
  • Pat my head (not like a dog pls lol)
  • Hold my hand when you are driving (if possible)
  • Mail me your tee shirt or scarf or whatever that smells like you if we are apart. So that even if we are not physically together, I can still feel you close.

It is getting repetitive so I shall stop here. This is probably the easiest love language to speak as long as you do not mind physical contact.

Second love language: Acts of Service

This is probably the harder one for some because it takes physical effort to accomplish.

  • Demonstrate willingness and actual actions to help me solve problems esp tech issues and troubleshooting
  • Help me to find out the answer to some things that’s been troubling me e.g. shipping options to Japan
  • Doing chores e.g. filling up documents, settling insurance queries, running errands
  • Helping me to research different products to help me decide which to get e.g. the best value for money fitness band, while phone etc.
  • Getting me a glass of water before I sleep — for drinking and for the sake of my dry skin
  • Picking me up from work, from outings, fetching me to places when possible
  • Surprises. Pleasant surprises. Executed with careful planning and consideration of what will make me happy.

Third love language: Quality Time

I’m going to jump straight in. But I have come to realise that quality time is most quality when its combined with other love language e.g. spend time with me researching on what is the best phone to buy (acts of service + quality time) and then buy it for me (+receiving gifts), spend time with me watching our fav movie (physical touch + quality time), take time to discuss our issues (words of affirmation + quality time).

  • Spend time with me. Talking. Discussing. Making plans. Watching horror film. Playing our favorite game.
  • Undistracted dinner dates.
  • Supermarket shopping together.
  • Play a co-op game together.

Nothing much because basically, it just means, spend time with me. Spend time on me. Be happy doing that.

Fourth love language: Words of Affirmation

This is so important because sometimes words are the most direct way for one to be understood. Also the biggest support to help your actions be understood by the other party.

  • Tell me you love me and you miss me.
  • Tell me I am accepted and understood even though I did something wrong; that you will not leave me.
  • Tell me I am good enough
  • Tell me you know what I did for you
  • Say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ when you need to
  • Share with me what you are thinking and feeling and why you think or feel so, so that I know you care
  • Be generous with affection and assurance; tell me you are there for me, tell me I am important, remind me when I seem to forget

I don’t think there can ever be too much affection. There really isn’t ‘too much’.

Fifth love language: Receiving Gifts

This should not be mixed up with materialism because it is about the thoughtfulness and effort behind the gift that is only possible with genuine interest and observation of the partner. Similarly, it is often coupled with other love language, like acts of service (helping to get something).

  • Buy me my favorite snack randomly e.g. at petrol kiosk
  • Order me a meal and deliver it over
  • Order my fav pizza flavor for me
  • Send me a care package e.g. favorite snack + facial product + random cute stuff
  • Buy me toiletries before they run out e.g. facial moisturiser that is finishing, shampoo or conditioner etc.
  • Get me a replacement when something is breaking down e.g. new phone, new bedsheet etc
  • Get me something to congratulate me or to encourage me e.g. namecard holder for a gf who got her first job in sales, an organiser at the end of the year to prepare for the new year etc.
  • An accessory that you think will look beautiful on me

In conclusion, love me, that’s all.

If you know someone who might love me so, let me know. Lol.

Till then,




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