How relationships end.

The worst relationship I’ve had that left me the deepest scar and took me the longest to recover from is not a romantic love relationship but a friendship.

How it actually ended eventually was when I start realising that she no longer shared things happening in her life with me. I only got to found out important things either from social media or words of others.

It hurts because I thought I was special.

And I think that’s how r/s ends.

When you are no longer someone he or she shares her life with.

When you no longer tell the other person the interesting thing that happened on a normal day. Perhaps because he or she didn’t even cross your mind.

Like I’m just another person out there.

Just the 767th friend on facebook.
Or the 180th follower in instagram.
Or another random reader on your blog.

Yah, that’s how relationships end.



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