Moving to Japan: Places to go!

img_20180503_0717308668982065410294046.jpgI can’t wait for saturday because I can finally sleep in and wake up naturally.

The past 2 weeks I said the same thing and I promptly woke up at 7+am anyway zzz I hope I do better this Saturday.

To cheer myself up and make my impending move to Japan seem less scary and more worthy of anticipation, I shall list the places I want to go to in this post.

Let me see.

  1. Disney Sea
  2. Fuji Q
  3. Kamakura
  4. Hitachi seaside park
  5. Nikko
  6. A nice ryokan with private onsen
  7. Camping? Lol
  8. Hiroshima (A-dome museum & okunoshima)
  9. Shirakawago
  10. Enoshima
  11. Koyasan

I shall not go on because I am sure if I go searching for places to go, I can come up with an endless list, hahaa. But these are the places I’ve always aimed to go but have yet to go (some I have been and are still in this list because I want to go back again, like Koyasan).

If you happen to plan a trip to Japan and are interested in heading to any of the place above, jio me!

Next up: List of things to ship over to JP, lol (food included)


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