Can and should you get back what’s lost?

Few days back, JH said that some things once lost can be returned. That having something does not mean it’ll last and losing some things does not mean that you will never get it back again.

While the reasoning makes sense (of course it does), I think why the opposing statement of ‘what’s once lost may never return‘ is more widely spread is because it teaches and reminds people to treasure what they have and not bang on the chance of gaining it back only after losing it.

Today, I received an email to let me know that my data and file on a certain application will be permanently deleted tomorrow. I actually am given a chance to reactivate the account to retrieve the data.

This is a perfect example of what JH told me, that some things gone may return, lol.

However, not everything in life is like the app. Especially not like Facebook where you can temporarily deactivate your account and expect to pick up where you left off anytime you want by simply logging in.

So, am I reactivating the app just because it has given me an opportunity to use it again?

No. Because I remember why I deactivated the application and if nothing has changed, neither should my decision. I certainly appreciate the reminder email and opportunity, though. But while some things gone may return, some other things, especially the precious and hard to come by ones, do not. It was an amazing app and it was meaningful while it lasted. But along the way it kept crashing on me and cease to work the way it used to, the way it promised to. And when the app has lost it’s purpose and position in my life… perhaps it is best I leave it as it is.


Not all things gone are a pity to lose. Even if it is a pity, it does not mean that it is something that we wish to have again. Because pity is not regret.

Such a pity.






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