Moving to Japan, one step nearer.


Look at that, look at that. My joy for the day!

This is actually the one thing that takes the longest to process, so with this down, I can safely say I am starting to smell Japan and it is kinda confirmed that I’m going already.

On a side note, though not too ‘side’, the numbered days at my current workplace really seem to fly by. I have to serve 2 months notice period but in the blink of an eye, I only have another 2.5 weeks left before I’m out of this place. And when it is a work place that I’ve always loved (I love the job, love the people), these numbered days truly feel quite painful to me because I really am going to miss this in future.

Now back to that happy email I received.

When I saw the recruiter’s name appear in my inbox, I felt so excited and honestly, nothing makes my heart jump nowadays other than him, hahaa. I super love receiving emails from him because he is a cute chap  every email from him means I’m moving from one point to the next.

So I should receive the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) within the next 3 days and get my visa in a few weeks’ time.

Time to start packing, start shipping, and then move.

It is so odd that at the same time when I am reluctant to leave everything in SG, I’m also looking forward to moving out of it. What is this nonsense?

I’ll write about that when I figure it out, lol.

till then.




  1. Dixon

    Congratulationsssssssssssssssssssss! Dunno why i have this irrational fear that my visa application might get rejected when i apply in future lol

    Me on the other hand… sigh i just finished my exams and one of the papers i have no confidence 😦
    worse case scenario i might have to do another year in Uni 😥 (so near yet so far feels)

    Butttttttt i`m so excited for you!! I get this nostalgic feeling, similar to many years ago when i stumbled upon GH’s blog and was reading his experiences moving to Japan and i was like whoa a Sgrean made it there woohoo, there’s hope for us all hahahaha.

    Have you found accommodations yet?! Which part of Tokyo are you going to stay !?

    • Shining Broken Soul

      Hahaa Why!! Pray about it. God will find a way when there seems to be no way! 🙂

      And I’m glad because honestly, I think mine is a miracle LOL I only applied to one company hahaa without any relevant experience.

      Accommodations wise I am looking at share houses. I will be at Yokohama yo~ Hahaa. Visit me!

      • Dixon

        Ya i prayingggggg hardddddddd T_T need a miracle to pass all the exams X_X hahaha results will be out end june.. keeping my fingers crossedddddd

        Niceeee i got a friend who recently also applied Gaba at the web form application or something, few days later str8 get a rejection email 😦 so sad… now i really worry my 6 months there also like that, no pic no sound + rejection = gg >_.< Ok i`ll come visit if i`m dropping by the area hahaha

        • Shining Broken Soul

          Oh why straight out reject? Is your friend a degree holder? I find it odd they just rejected your friend like that.

          This reminds me of what JH told me. He said I took 2 months to achieve what he did in 7 years LOL. I’m sure you can make it too, just keep at it till you get it. 😀

          • Dixon

            Yes he is, but it is those private uni (can’t rmb issit UOL/RMIT/MDIS) those kind… but i recall reading on JET forums, ALT position usually don’t really discriminate against private uni certs leh :S unlike SG gov sector jobs.. my fren also puzzled and sad (he is in his mid 30s which i also don’t think is the age prob because i heard 40-50 year old mid career ppl jump to ALT positions also ok) :s

            Haha maybe because he over prepped!! He went there with some killer stats man, CELTA + NUS Cert + JLPT N2, i think the N2 and cert enough to get regular Japanese jobs liao hahaha

            The rate i going with my uni studies, maybe i might just beat his record lolol

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