Another kind of love.

This morning, JH sent me a photo of a vintage camaro that a client sent to his work place. He could not understand why some Japanese choose to drive foreign cars that are either ergonomically unsound, or simply unpractical and on top of that, come with a hefty price tag.

The vintage camaro is one with such a long bonnet that maneuvering it on the streets of Japan would be so tough. Not to mention how much it probably cost to own that camaro, from purchasing to maintenance. So it was beyond JH to understand what the owner is thinking to actually own that car.

My answer was simple: Such is love.

It is probably pure passion or hobby of the car owner to own that car, sort of like a bucket list. And yes, I see that as a form of love. Because they choose to want it despite its many shortcomings. Despite the trouble that may entail with owning it. And some times, when you love something, you just want it even if it is illogical, impractical and no one around you understand your decision. Who cares, really. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

When the pain of not having it or the joy of having it is greater than the pain of having it, you live with it.

Such is love.

Moving on!



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