Today is the last Wednesday at work and I am starting to miss this place already. I will miss the security uncle, the canteen aunties, my amazing colleagues and of course, my job.

This is a completely boliao post btw. Unless you are interested to know what’s going on in my head today, you can skip this. I promise you you won’t be missing much.

Not even my face, lol.


I did a quick search of my office cabinet ytd and I am pretty surprised that I actually have nothing much to bring home with me. It made me recall how when I started work, I hated this place so much because of this crazy supervisor. Due to that, I made it a point never to bring any personal belongings I usually keep at work, including things like slippers, mug, cushion etc because I want to leave easily without having to lug things back. In the end, I never left because the supervisor left! Lol. Nonetheless, I got used to being in a workplace without my personal items, except for perhaps some cutlery.

And so, I have nothing much to pack and bring home though my last day of work is in 2 days’ time.

I have actually finished off everything on my to-do list at work and am left with some backlog to finish up. Somehow, it has been an extremely productive week for me. And it feels really good.

Recently, though, I have not been sleeping well. I have difficulty falling asleep at night and when I do fall asleep, I do not sleep well, as in I constantly feel conscious during my sleep. When the alarm clock rings, I feel super tired and have difficult waking up. And when weekends come and no alarm rings, I wake up too early and have difficulty sleeping in. Hence, I feel tired all the time. And this is really, really, torturing.

I think I just miss sleeping beside another human being. Maybe I should start looking for human beings for rent. Perhaps then, I can sleep properly.

Now, let me go finish up my backlog.




  1. GJH

    You: Is there anything at the office that belongs to me?
    Boss: Here, this bottle-opener!
    You: And?
    Boss: And, it’s a magnet!

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