My Ideal Life

img_20180624_1303042437504849258582429.jpgThis was my first lunch in Japan. JH actually came home during lunch to eat with me *awww* and I think that’s what bliss felt like.

So many people have been telling me that one will bore oneself to death if one is unemployed. I’ve never agreed with this statement because as much as work can be fulfilling and an essential part of many people’s life, I’ve never been a person who only found fulfilment through my job.

Because thankfully, I’ve got endless hobbies and aspirations, lol.

So, today, I’m going to write about my ideal life.

I’ll tell you the truth. I do not enjoy full time employment. I do not enjoy setting alarm and waking up to an alarm. I do not enjoying putting on ‘appropriate’ clothes for work and I hate taking public transport to work. There’s nothing enjoyable about working in an office as well, especially if there’s politics. So conclusion: I do not enjoy full time employment.

What I enjoy, though, is having an income, lol.

So first part of my ideal life involves having an income! I wouldn’t even aim to enjoy my work because that’s technically tough. I would like to have income either from investment (be it dividends or from property) or from doing what I am good at. There’s a difference between being paid for what I enjoy doing vs what I’m good at. I’d prefer to be paid to do something I’m good at. So even a freelance work writing, translating, or teaching English (assuming im fantastic at these) would be enjoyable to me.

I just do not want to set alarm and report to work.

Now if my future spouse earn enough to give me substantial allowance for income, I do not mind taking that as my source of income as well. Nothing wrong about that and I think most people want this, just that not all are honest enough to admit that they do not mind relying on a guy cos that’s too anti-feminist, haha.

So now that one of the major aspect of income is settled, I’d want to dedicate 3 days out of a week to focus on work out and nutrition. I’ll set aside half a day to work out, take long bath after the work out, do hair treatment while I’m soaked in the bath reading a book, finish washing up and prepare a nice lunch and dinner for myself. And maybe do a grocery run if I need to. There’s a logic to this because psychologically, after we exercise, we won’t want to waste our effort and eat nonsense junk food. So it’s a good choice to do marketing after working out.

On the other 3 days, I’ll focus on writing and studying. I’d want to cook my own meals everyday, actually, because then I can ensure nutrition needs are met. On these 3 days, I’ll also complete household chores like mopping, laundry, etc. And on these 3 days, I’ll work!

And 1 day out of a week to catch up on whatever I did not complete that week because sometimes, things happen, like social gatherings… or… Netflix. Lol.

My lifestyle is obviously quite simple and do not require much to satisfy. I think my occasional treat includes satisfying random craving like Macdonald’s, curry rice, sushi etc as well as catching some movies when they’re out (like Ant Man, which I have to wait until 31 August in Japan wth) and perhaps a road trip when time allows! Now that I’m in JP, I don’t even feel that I need to go overseas for a holiday, lol. It’s such a treat when you can go for a holiday without having to take a plane.

So when I was in SG, I actually kinda already had this lifestyle and it was good. I mean, yes, I work full time, but I had this uber meaningful job, amazing colleagues and I was good plus quick at what I was doing, so work was really good. I just had shorter time to satisfy the above but I still did!

I hope that when I start working at Gaba, it’d be fair and fine. I really do. I’m not even expecting it to be amazing. Unfortunately at the start, I have to work for 6 days a week, which is pretty taxing, but I’m hoping I can taper that down over time because my lazy bones do not allow for 6 days work week. *grunts* JH is kind enough to actually get a car to ferry me from work to relieve the pain of public transport so I guess I can’t complain much.

So for now, let me continue my Netflix, work out, cleaning and soon, cooking lifestyle (because we finally got our fridge!).

Till then!




  1. Lynn

    Hi DS,

    Congrats on the big move to Japan!

    Came across your blog as I was googling on Japan. I’ve also read several of your posts on GJH. Found your stories very informative/relatable; thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I’m on a career break and considering moving to Japan via teaching English and to study Japanese. I’m thinking about applying to Gaba as well, so hope you can write more about your teaching adventures. 😉

    All the best!


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