Recently I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog for my life in JP together with a new insta account for this chapter in my life. Partly because many friends and family wish to know what’s going on and well, this blog is too raw for people who know me in person to access, hence the thought.

My other consideration is to just write on GJH’s blog since I am already doing so. That would be easier for his readers too, especially if my more updated experience of a Singaporean moving to Japan in 2018 might be helpful to his blog visitors, since his experience was for back in 2010 or something.

Now, about my next dilemma, which is phone line.

So far, I’ve come to know that my Oneplus 3 (mobile phone) does not work with JP’s telco, so just getting a new line and using back my own phone is not an option anymore. I have to get a new phone. This sucks because I am very happy with my Oneplus 3 (it works so fast, so well and basically has nothing I can complain about) and the only other phone I am happy with in Japan so far is Huawei P20, because the camera looks fantastic and it has this amazing pink hue as one of the choice (such bimbotic reasons; I cannot -.-). Of course, I can always get another Oneplus 5T/6 on Amazon JP but that feels like the dumbest choice cos I will be stuck with TWO Oneplus phones and what am I supposed to do with my Oneplus 3? I hate this problem because either way, I’m just putting my Oneplus 3 aside and totally wasting it when it is still working perfectly well. And did I forget to mention that either way, the phone costs a whopping ~S$800+?! That’s S$800+ to put my Oneplus 3 to sleep. Dammit.

This is the reason why (apart from GJH being super busy) that I have yet to get my phone line set up in Japan until now.

So I just spent the last 30min looking at phone comparison of each phone’s photos and videos and guess what? I realise the best phone is Oneplus 6, which costs S$850 from the cheapest seller on Amazon. Now my heart is set on Oneplus 6, though whenever I see the pink hue backing on P20, I change my mind for 2s or so, lol. The same Oneplus 6 is being sold on Qoo10 SG at S$688. =/ Now, who’s coming to JP anytime soon care to deliver it to me? Lol.

And I went digging further and guess what?! I think I found the perfect way to solve my mobile issues.

I think I’m gonna end the post here, as abruptly as I started writing, because i just might have found the perfect solution, to which I will blog about on GJH’s blog when this is solved!

Till then!




  1. Dixon

    Haha speaking about phones recently i cave in and when to get a new iphone x from carousell (some lady recontracted from telco and it was all sealed and shiny) at a whopping 1550S$ X_X imma kill myself if it doesn’t work in Japan next year…

      • Dixon

        hahaha bo bian T_T i downgraded to no sim plan and i really wanted an iPhone X so……. now i`ll “promise” to save as much money as i can for my move to Japan next Apr >_<

        • GJH

          I’ve asked the staff at BicQlo in Shinjuku before and they said overseas iPhones are compatible. Don’t take my word for it though. If it doesn’t work and you need someone to blame, I shall refer you to the person who told me so.

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