SNS: Insta & Facebook Page — @DforDirtyShoes

Because all of you are my very important readers, I have decided to let you guys know first of my new SNS accounts!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten down to creating an Insta account and Facebook page to share with you readers about my life in Japan. I’m quite excited because I have so many interesting things to post, from getting new phone lines (how does SG’s compare to JP’s?), getting new car (again, how is it different between SG and JP?) to the many amazing design features I observe in Japan everyday (like how they keep bread with sauces looking so pleasantly clean and not smudgy in the plastic packaging).

Firstly, my insta account!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 18.07.40

You can follow me at @DforDirtyShoes. That’s where most of the interesting things in Japan will appear in. So far, I shared a bit about the things I eat… the things I like..

My main focus and interests are in the interesting designs in Japan. Design as in product and features design, like how cans are easily opened, how the sink is safe from food debri blockage etc.

Of course, once in a while, I will share random stories. If it’s meaningful enough, I will keep them under highlights!

Next, a Facebook page to go with the insta account.


Likewise, it is D for Dirty Shoes. Easy.

Sometimes, with all these accounts, I get a bit lost as to how to differentiate between each. But after using them for 2 days, I find that they serve pretty different purposes.

GJH’s blog: To write in depth views and thoughts. My fav platform, really.
Instagram: To post snippets, photos, videos. Easiest to keep all updated.
Facebook: In between the 2 above, sometimes I’ll post random short thoughts because they are just words but they aren’t long enough to make up a post on GJH’s blog.

And on GJH’s blog, I’ve since started a series of writing, mainly updates on me living in Japan, interesting news, my thoughts and views on certain topics as a Singaporean, as well as ingenious designs I come across in Japan.

Please feel free to follow any or all if it suits you, though I apologise in advance if there’s replicated information here and there. Sort of like how you see your friend’s insta post on Facebook as well.

And this is it! Scoot over and follow me, go, lol.