Life in Japan so far…

So, I finally have some time today to write something because, well, I do not have a lot of lessons to teach today, hahaa.

So, life in Japan!

Firstly, the weather. I’m so well trained by Singapore’s weather that Japan’s current weather, which is supposedly VERY hot and humid, is actually pretty harmless to me. The sun is definitely stronger here in Japan (because I can feel my skin tingling beneath my clothes due to the heat) but the humidity still lose to Singapore’s, lol. As such, I find the current climate very bearable and of not much difference to Singapore’s but in fact, better because it is less humid and much more windy in Japan.

But I do look forward to autumn when the weather turns cooler!

Now, the environment. Shopping and normal living area wise, I love it. People are generally courteous and places are generally less crowded. I’m used to the rush for traffic and commute in Singapore, so train station madness do not drive me nuts in general. I love how things are cleaner and there’s nature all around. I like the rivers, and I love how houses are built on hills and slopes here and there. Though I wish things could be cheaper in Japan, but again, things are expensive in Singapore too, so I’m fine with that. So environment wise, I’m happy.

Food. I hate the rice in Japan. I hate how sticky and starchy they are no matter how little water I add. Due to the way the economy controls the rice market to ensure the survival of their local farmers, Thai Jasmine rice is super expensive in Japan. So I’m stuck with Japanese rice. No fried rice tastes nice with it and it’s just… Sigh. Groceries wise, I’m loving it! Especially my 50+JPY cabbage. So sweet, fresh and CHEAP. I just wish I can find some Singapore local sauces here, hahaa.

Now, JH nicely got a car to drive me to and fro work because where he stay is pretty inconvenient. I end work late, around 10pm on some nights and if I miss the last bus to his place, I’m stuck to taking cab which costs S$20+ per trip. Having a car has been great so far, to be honest. We drive around to places we want to go to, and it is even more economical to drive to town area (shinjuku etc) compared to taking public transport. However, I really find it a bit hard to like GPS and roads in Japan. There are all kinds of weird sharp and tiny turns that are so easy to miss and GPS (waze and google map) are not always accurate, surprisingly. Also, GPS lags! First trip to places always involve JH circling around, trying to find a proper way to get to where we want to go. And parking. Omg, parking. Parking is expensive! Easily 500 yen for 1hr, which is S$6/hr. Good thing is, there usually is some sort of cap for per day parking, around 1500 – 2000 yen, which is easily S$15-S$20 at the minimal. So regarding this, I love having a car and I love how it makes economical sense to drive to places but I’m not loving how expensive transport is (in general) in Japan.

Now, work. I think I’m only starting out in my job so it is a bit hard to tell if I like it or hate it but as of now, it is bearable and I think I can still see myself doing this job at least for the next year. Honestly, I feel pretty stuck to teaching unless I pick up Japanese and actually become proficient in it. So, no comments as of now? I mean, it is also the reason why I have put off writing an update on regarding this. It is still too soon to tell.

So! That’s about it for my life in Japan so far. I love how easy most of my days are and how far away I am from toxic people and toxic stuff in Singapore. Most of my days involve chilling out, thinking of what to cook and cooking for JH and myself (which I totally enjoy), stalking my teaching schedule and thinking of what to write about next. It is a good life indeed.

So, let me finally retreat to the bathroom to shower and sleep. It is 12am in Japan now, after all.

Goodnight, world.







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