I get 1 off day a week. Most days, I work till 10pm.

And I am indeed very tired.

So, today, I have a rare off day and as expected, it just went by like that. Just.Like.That.

If you find weekends short, try having just 1 day. 1 day to do laundry, buy groceries, clear bills, relax, drink a nice coffee, play a new arcade game, catch some drama, eat something nice, have a good nap, and oh yes, hang out with other human beings.

It’s called mission impossible.

Perhaps because I find that time is so precious, I hate it when time is wasted. I hate it when time during my off day is spent doing things that could be done on other non-off days. I hate it when I start my day too late because then, I know I won’t have enough time at night to do other stuff. And then my sleeping time gets affected and I will get a shit start to the new week.

I don’t particularly hate my job and in fact, I enjoy it when I am doing it. But sometimes, shitty clients really make me dread the job. I hate it when I feel that I am constantly judged. I mean, who doesn’t, right? That shitty evaluation system truly sucks.

And the thought of going leaving home at 11am and coming home at 11pm is just too dreadful.

Now, let me go whine and cry because my off day is ending.

And a new week begins.




    • Shining Broken Soul

      Hahaa i think that could be an option but for now, I think I’m just going to re-adjust my schedule to work lesser! Too tiring to work 6 days a week. And I think I should start work later too.

      • Dixon

        But to stay in Gaba need to hit some minimum earning right T_T sounds tough man >.< hope you will post some insights on your job at Gaba soon!

        • Shining Broken Soul

          haha yes but its not really for Gaba but rather due to immigration bureau requirement to extend Visa at the end of 1 year. Shall see how it goes. Am waiting to be mored used to it first before writing about it! Shall do it maybe in Oct. 🙂

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