Alone in JP.

JH has decided to abandon me for 10 days while he trot off to the land of… big hair to work.

Erm, big hair because people in that country seem to use the ‘size’ of their hair to determine how well off they are? LOL. Okay, ignore that, hahaa.

So anyway, for real, I’ll have a taste of life in Japan alone. How it feels to live in this ulu place in Japan and to go to and fro work by myself everyday, settle my meals, while I slog my ass off. The good thing is, I’ve been living by myself for quite a while even before I came to Japan, so this isn’t all too new to me. JH also made it easier by stocking up the fridge before he left.

So I just sent him off at the train station and got back home in this crazy summer heat. Which by the way, the summer heat? ITS CRUEL. As a well trained Singaporean, I would still consider this summer gruelling. The heat is no joke. Thankfully though, the humidity is tolerable so far, though the Japanese are complaining about it.

To kick off the start of my solo days, I actually grew so lazy I am eating chips and cake for lunch. I’m contemplating cooking something in bulk so that I can have proper meal the next 2 – 3 days but I feel so so so lazy to do so.

Part of the reason why I’m pretty chill about being alone this whole week until the next, is because I will be so busy at work. Apparently, thanks to my hard work the past 3 weeks, I just have to work a bit HARDER (as if I’ve not worked hard enough) and I’ll be able to qualify for some incentive to earn me some extra moolah! So, instead of closing my late night slots (latest lesson ends at 955pm) because JH is not around, I opened them all up so that I can work more hours. This means that I’ll be reaching home around 11+pm everyday and going out at 11am the next. It will be like this from Tue to Fri. Sat and Sun are my full work days where I will work from 1130am to 8pm (I leave house at 930am for that) so before I know it, it’ll be the next week already. When September comes, I intend to work much lesser, because I actually want my life back, lol.

So, I’m gonna be a busy bee this week but I’m looking forward to my slightly fat paycheck next month end! I’m pretty surprised that I do not have problems with income in my first month of work because I had expected my booking rate to be poor. Looks like I’m either very lucky or I must have done something right? =D The good thing is that although I’m working much more compared to when I’m in Singapore, I’m also likewise earning more, so all’s fair.

I’m gonna miss that smelly-ear JH when he’s gone.

Till then!




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