Why are some people so toxic and mean?

I have some time before I leave for work, so I’m here to rant.

Rant because I don’t understand why some people are so… unkind.

Let’s call this person who triggered my unhappiness, W.

W has always been a very vocal and straightforward person. Now, those can be nice traits but not when they are combined with an unkind heart. It’s precisely because of people with such combination of traits that others have the impression that straight forward and vocal people are nasty people.

It started with me chancing upon a photo of W attending a common friend’s wedding. She has always been really close with this common friend, so I’m not surprised that she went for her wedding. But it reminded me of an incident a few years back, when another common friend, J, was sending out invitation for her wedding.

Now, our secondary school class is not exactly tight in terms of meeting up. I think since graduation, most have only met up perhaps once or twice in 10 years. But when J sent out the wedding invite, I, for one, was appreciative of it because it seemed like a perfect chance for everyone to gather and catch up. However, this W, promptly went on Facebook to post a status that’s totally insensitive that says something along the lines of…

“I really can’t stand people who invite old friends who they don’t even bother to stay connected with for their weddings just to fill up seats. Why do they even have the cheek to do that?”

Now, that was super insensitive and unnecessary. If you don’t feel like going, just say you can’t make it, no one will even ask you WHY. She did not have to go on a rampage and post that to shame J, or whichever other brides who invited her out of goodwill.

Me being equally outspoken and unkind, of course I replied to the post. Like seriously, why can’t she just be a private bitch instead of going publicly and hurting others with her so-called logic?

And to prove that she’s super unkind, I actually have a secondary school friend, who recently had some sort of major throwback or something, and he went on instastory to dedicate ‘posts’ (which were more like angry words and confessions) to all those who have bullied him and made life tough for him before. W was one of the proud recipient of his angry posts, of course. I wonder if she follows him on Instagram and actually saw what impact her actions and words had on others.

I guess it comes as no surprise that she and I are no longer friends on Facebook. To be honest, I was a bit shocked and offended but then again, I think I might have unfriended her and forgoten about it, I don’t know. She’s one example of the kind of people you should get rid of from your life if you want to have happier days with less negativity. I guess the best word to describe her would be toxic.

And so, people, BE KIND!

That’s all.

But good news!! Today is my FIRST (official) PAY DAY in Japan! WOOHOO!!

Now, time to go for work. Heh. See you~



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