So, it’s been… almost 5 months since I moved to Japan!

I’m still here, see?



Wow, how time flies. I also realised that I’ve been neglecting this space a bit with only 1 or 2 posts a month. That’s ridiculous. I shall make the effort to write more.

So, let’s see what’s been happening so far. And a bit about how my job almost drove me crazy.

Let me spam you with photos first to keep you entertained! My joy often has to do with the food I eat, and I’ve been eating quite a bit of stuff, like…

I think you can tell that I like cheese tarts a lot. Actually, I’ve been struggling to decide if BAKE cheese tarts are better or PABLO’s. I concluded that I like BAKE more, although if you ask me which store I’ll go to, I’ll choose PABLO because, well, PABLO TWIST!


That’s freaking cheese soft serve with cheese tart. It’s not vanilla soft serve! This, btw, is worth every single cent I paid for it.

If you follow my Instagram, all these are nothing new (oops) but just in case you don’t, I’m posting it here, hahaa.

Mr G and I have also been enjoying ourselves a lot on our Switch. I think it’s one of our best purchase ever. Oh wait, I should say, one of HIS best purchase ever and that HE has been enjoying HIMSELF a lot because he is so obsessed with Octopath! I’m glad he has found so much joy in what is supposedly my most coveted game, lol. But basically, he has taken over the game and I no longer feel motivated to play because, well, he is WAY AHEAD of me.

So after working 3 months, I think I’ve been through a new down in my job. If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I had a really bad lesson. After writing that post, I told Mr G about what happened and actually, I ended up crying, lol. After a few days have past, the feeling of not being good enough for my clients got worse instead of subsiding and I started losing sleep and feeling a lot of fear and anxiety before going to work. One evening, after a 2 days off, the night before I return to work, I told Mr G how I actually feel and… I burst out crying and sobbing like crazy in the car after our favourite sushi dinner. I was literally heaving and trying hard not to wail. I guess I didn’t realise how stressed I actually was until I addressed it. I was basically… distraught.


When I disturbed him at work one day.

I have to say, Mr G has been an angel to me. He encouraged me everyday, got me my favourite snacks to cheer me up, coaxed me to be strong, and assured me that it’s okay even if I don’t work. He basically gave me the best kind of support and assurance anyone in my situation will need — he made it really safe for me to fail.  And after a week or two, plus a lot of encouragement and chanced affirmation at work, I think I am slowly starting to feel less fear and dread for work.

So if you’re reading this, dearest Bei, thank you very much!


I look forward to our next adventure…

なばなの里! <– Yes, I decided this myself, lol.

Till then~



  1. Dixon

    Finally got some updatesssssssssssssssss. I hope you didn’t meet any more of such obnoxious students 😦 can teachers choose to reject students too? Haha >_<

    So scary to see how 5 months can disappear so fast, i think my 6 months there confirm not enough T_T sian!!
    Hopefully you'll meet nicer students in the future!! 🙂 Jiayou!

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