We are 1 year old.

So recently, G and I turned 1!

Yes, we got together a year ago and it is amazing how I am in Japan now getting his nonsense on a daily basis, lol.

You already know how we got together so I will not talk about that. It has not always been smooth sailing and we still drive each other up the wall sometimes but I think we are slowly getting the hang of each other’s moods and antics. Like I know how he doesn’t voice it out when he is unhappy, how he choose to give me space when I’m upset and he knows how I get into an extremely bad mood when I am packing things in the house because God knows how much I HATE packing stuff.

So for our one year together, G actually planned a nice day out (he did it because he was afraid I would be getting him a gift and he is not getting me anything) and brought me to Tokyo Bay Symphony Cruise!

Find out more after the jump.

So I started writing this post a week ago and I’m only continuing it today. Because i’m too busy, I’m sorry, haha.

This cruise was really fun and I actually feel that it’s a perfect outing over 3 hours. There are basically 3 different slots you can choose from, one being lunch, next being tea (which they term it ‘afternoon’ cruise), and then there’s sunset and/or dinner cruise as well. Each lasts from around 2 hours to 3 over hours and you get a nice tour in the cruise ship along Tokyo Bay Area, where you get to see the nice port of Tokyo, go past the iconic bridges and see some famous building along Odaiba as well. It’s really quite fun!

So JH and I went for the lunch buffet course (there’s also french, steak etc ‘fine dining’ style course) because, well, we are big eaters, lol. And because it was a weekday afternoon, it was packed with old people more than couples. They had the smartest buffet plate ever, which I absolutely love!


The quality of the food was pretty good and I loved the amazing sauces they provide. Japanese aren’t big on truffle yet, so I happily poured the truffle powder into another mayonaise cheese sauce to enjoy truffle mayonaise with all my fried food.

After the lunch, you can head up the deck and take some nice photos on the cruise. Or just enjoy the breeze (which can be a bit cold, lol) and view.

There’s even live opera singing by this lady at another area on the 2nd level. She sang My Heart Will Go On and I thought it was a bit inauspicious because Titanic sank, HAHA.

There was no rush and that 3 hours were nicely spent doing the above. And because there’s limited seats etc there isn’t a bad crowd or anybody to make your cruise feel too packed or limited.

I actually really recommend the cruise, not just for couples but for group of girls as well! Food, photo taking, gossiping, yeah. Sounds about right, lol.

And that was how we spent our 1 year birthday together. Plus Bohemian Rhapsody, haha.

And yes, something I think I’m slowly getting used to:

Now, time to get back to my life of working and cooking.





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