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Big Bang, Seungri.. Whatever.

So I’ve never been a fan of kpop and I’ve never really followed kpop news until the recent huge saga involving rape, sex tapes, as well as prostitution. It was too juicy for me to ignore, haha.

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Things I like about Singapore


Now, I usually tell people I am not 犯贱 as in, I am not the kind to treasure things and people only when I lose them, but sadly, when it comes to Singapore, I admit I only started treasuring many things up to the days of my departure.

The default response I get from people who hear that I am leaving for JP is a big ‘congratulations!’ followed by eyes of envy. Even though I tell them I am working in JP, they still envy that.

Why? Don’t most people know that JP is one of the most terrible places to work in? Lol. I will accept their congratulations if I struck lottery and am retiring in JP, hahaa.

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Why do people complicate love…

Recently, a friend, J, broke up with her bf, H. To be specific, H broke up with J. He initiated it.

Funny thing is, they are still in contact daily.  J obviously still has feelings for H and though she has ascertained that H is not the guy for her (because he is a selfish prick but I shall not go into that), it is just hard for her to let go completely.

Because this H will not let her go.

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Single and lost around 30.

Recently, I have a few friends around me who are very lost in life. Lost as in, they lead very comfortable and smooth lives but they are not sure what their purpose in life entails, or what they are working towards.

Most of them have this standard lifestyle: They are in a job that they do not hate and is generally bearable. There really isn’t much to complain about; though they’d very much prefer it if they could find a job they love but honestly, they don’t know what that job is anyway. After work and over weekends, they either hang out with friends, if they are lucky enough to have friends who are available to meet (not married and no children, or still able to meet despite being so) or they’d be catching their drama on netflix or the internet. This goes on repeat.

And then gradually, they start to feel lost. They realise they are wasting their life away if this goes on.

Why are they unhappy when their life is fine, they have friends, and they have a job?

This is made worse because they know one fact: they have no right to complain.

Another worse fact: they can’t even answer you if you ask them what it is that would make them happy and fulfilled.

They are lost. Helplessly lost.

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My hypothesis based on a wife’s posts on social media.

Along the years as more and more of my friends get married, I see a shift in the kind of posts that appear on my facebook feed.

Some wives like to focus on how sweet their marriage is. Travel, anniversary, surprise gift to simple home cooked meals, checked.

Some wives like to bitch about their mother in law. Almost all articles about how wife>MIL has been covered by these wives.

Some wives like to share posts about why marriages fail, what are the bad behaviours of husbands, how to protect your marriage, why men should not cheat etc etc etc. These share are plain shares with just a simple tag on the post: their husband’s name.

Most mothers like to share posts about how you should not kiss their child, not smoke in front of their child, not coddle their child etc etc etc. All sorts of scary stories about harm done to child due to neglect as well e.g. fall off bed and in a coma, with a terrible photo of a baby in NICU.

Underlying all these, I always wonder.

What message are these women trying to send out to and to who?

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