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Big Bang, Seungri.. Whatever.

So I’ve never been a fan of kpop and I’ve never really followed kpop news until the recent huge saga involving rape, sex tapes, as well as prostitution. It was too juicy for me to ignore, haha.

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Can and should you get back what’s lost?

Few days back, JH said that some things once lost can be returned. That having something does not mean it’ll last and losing some things does not mean that you will never get it back again.

While the reasoning makes sense (of course it does), I think why the opposing statement of ‘what’s once lost may never return‘ is more widely spread is because it teaches and reminds people to treasure what they have and not bang on the chance of gaining it back only after losing it.

Today, I received an email to let me know that my data and file on a certain application will be permanently deleted tomorrow. I actually am given a chance to reactivate the account to retrieve the data.

This is a perfect example of what JH told me, that some things gone may return, lol.

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Broken Hearts Everywhere.

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend I made on a dating app (yes, you can make friends on dating app and actually stay friends) and sadly, he is on the verge of a break up with his gf.

It is sad because he didn’t see it coming.

The reason for break up was that she feel that ‘they don’t feel like a couple, more like friend-friend‘.

What nonsense is that? I saw the beautiful collage she made for him for his bday with ‘I love you’ and lots of sweet instagram posts and photos. How not-couple is that?

All I can say is, sometimes when people want to break up, they come up with the silliest reason to do so. Perhaps to cushion the fall so that they feel less guilty, because the truth is ‘sorry I actually didn’t really love you and I still don’t after trying for these few months‘ or ‘you were my rebound’.

And it all boils down to how perhaps the two never really knew and understood each other before getting together.

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It feels like death.

Being abandoned by someone you truly loved and trusted feels like death. Just like the scene I just watched on this Chinese drama that I’m watching where the wife has to watch the husband make a decision that will lead to his death.

It is like death because it is literally the end of something you used to have. His affection, his attention, his sweetest smile and eyes that shine with love when he looks at you. It is the same person but when you look at him, he is not the same person at all. You know the he who loves you is gone but it feels so impossible because he is still there, in front of you. And when that reality finally sinks in and strikes you…

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How relationships end.

The worst relationship I’ve had that left me the deepest scar and took me the longest to recover from is not a romantic love relationship but a friendship.

How it actually ended eventually was when I start realising that she no longer shared things happening in her life with me. I only got to found out important things either from social media or words of others.

It hurts because I thought I was special.

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